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I love the tension between them.

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eren just Not Understanding why some people don’t like armin…he’s just like what is wrong with you guys?? have u seen this guy??? have u seen armin??? he is an absolute Joy what is wrong with you??? Do you hate joy?? Bet you hate cute animals too you sick fuck

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And there'll be no more lies
There'll be no more lies
There'll be no more lies
There'll be no more lies

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[anders voice] looks like the chantry……[puts on sunglasses] has met its Maker 

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Anonymous: Some cute and flustered Jeanmarco with number 18? :3


Done! This is the first time I draw this two and I think they look a bit weird UXD

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crushes on people’s voices are stressful

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alistair + best moments

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Driving in your car
Oh please don’t drop me home
Because it’s not my home, it’s their home
And I’m welcome no more

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"be a good boy when out with your father today!"

"i will!"

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SNK chapters are like periods
We wait in dread for an entire month
And then there’s blood everywhere and the fandom basically just freaks out for about a week
And then the cycle repeats

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"There’s so few non-sexualized women in video games especially in the main role that we were kind of proud that we were creating one that’s very complex and without the players knowing it, she becomes the protagonist by the end of the story." - Neil Druckmann.

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