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Oh, my friend, you’re holding out your hand
I take it like an oar from the depth
Hey, Lifesaver, I’m drowning in despair
But you’re fighting for me right until the end.
You pull me back to land and save me once again

↪ Requested by Syl

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"I am a partially deceased syndrome sufferer, and what I did in my untreated state was not my fault." In The Flesh, season 1

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happy birthday ymir!!

please click for full view!!

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So the latest Jean design for Hangeki no Tsubasa came out recently.

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dont talk to me unless its about jean kirschtein

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during a zombie apocalypse, the snk fandom would just

yall would die in like 2 days from tryna pull some james bond shit and fall to your death from a makeshift grappling hook please

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wow it turned out pretty serious. At first it had be just Jean riding rocking-horse 

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Levi = Perfection

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No Face drinking tea and eating cake - Spirited Away

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