i get to cuddle the cutest dork ever and that is all that matters right now


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Everything is permitted. Isn’t that your Motto?”

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"Don’t you think it’s a little early for your teen rebellious phase, tiger?"

jean no

"jean no" is literally the entire fanfic 

what did i tell u freckles

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But Shepard… they’ll follow him. He’s a hero, a bloody icon. But he’s just one man. If we lose Shepard, humanity might well follow.

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“My whole life I’ve been telling myself: “don’t be afraid.” And it is only now that I’m realizing how stupid that is. Don’t be afraid. Like saying: “don’t move out of the way when someone tries to punch you” or “don’t flinch at the heat of a fire” or “don’t blink.” Don’t be human. I’m afraid. And you’re afraid and we’re all always going to be afraid. Because that’s the point. What I should be telling myself is: “be afraid, but do it anyway. Live anyway.”” — (via organicafe)

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So don’t tell me I would be safer with somebody else, because the truth is I would just be more scared.

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The Deep Roads

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i wish i had a metal heart | a fanmix for reiner and bertholdt


i would hurt a fly – ane brun | bones & skin – mirah | heavy stone – kyla la grange | metal heart – garbage | call them brothers – only son (feat. regina spektor) | metal heart – cat power | marching song – esben and the witch | graveyard – feist | give us a little love – fallulah

this is an absolute mess of a playlist, but i made the damn thing at three in the morning while i was trying to stay awake for dichotomy update, so please try not to judge me too harshly for it.

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